Manage Primary Care and Specialist Network

New care delivery and payment models all seem to have the same key elements: a defined population, panels of people for whom health care providers are accountable, and a way to tie measures of quality and cost to those responsible. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There are no neatly defined panels of patients tied to specific providers. The dominant form of health plan, the preferred provider organization, generally permits people to seek care from a sizable group of providers, and to change their minds at will. In addition, these people may change their addresses or switch insurance carriers, which can confound attempts to define a patient panel for any measurable length of time. But some organization must be responsible for these patients so that provider networks can more effectively manage the population, and to ensure that everyone is getting the care that’s appropriate to their [respective] condition.

OnlineCare provides ACO’s, health systems, PPO’s the capability to manage the patient within their own network. In addition, OnlineCare unique platform provides a “tighter” referral management system to keep the patient’s within the network on their own specialty providers verses being referred out of network. Hence, creating a better and stronger relationship between patient, their primary care providers, and the clinical specialist within the same network.