GPS / Zip Code Enabled Platform

GPS / Mobile technology has been a source of disruption in many industries. Prior to the launch of Uber, the taxi industry operated without major threats for decades. Uber leveraged mobile technology to disrupt the long-established taxi industry by offering an alternative that excels in providing convenience for passengers. Since its launch, Uber has continued to enhance the functionality of its mobile application, incorporating the latest in mobile technology to further improve the experience for its users.

Similar to Uber, OnlineCare has not only leveraged the mobile technology to provide connectivity for patents to the nearest care provider via using GPS enabled platform but has also embedded zip-code data-base to connect patient and providers within the city and state. Hence, the care provider providing clinical consultation are not sitting in New York or Illinois or in Alaska while the care need is in Michigan or the state where the patient resides.

This way, if patient wanted to go to the urgent care or to a primary care provider close to their location, they can physically go and get the care if truly needed to.

OnlineCare not only connect patient and provider via GPS/zip-code enabled technology but are also able to connect the nearest pharmacy for the convenience of patient to pick up their medication.